DataQA® shows you exactly, by row and value, where and why data problems exist.


"10-20 x faster than other methods such as Excel macros, or hand crafted SQL" - Jeremy Walker - Data Quality Consultant, Phusis.

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DataQA: Business-friendly reports

Business friendly

Actionable reports show exactly, by row and value, where bad data exists.

DataQA: Understand where data will not support your goals


See in advance where data will not support your project, technical or business goals.

DataQA: Start testing data quickly

Start Quickly

A full library of drag-and-drop Templates will get you up and running in no time.

DataQA: test data against the most complex requirements


Customise Templates to test data against complex business or technical rules.

DataQA: use interactively or integrate into existing processes


DataQA can be used interactively or integrated into automated processes.

DataQA: up to 20x faster than conventional methods

Do more, faster

Up to 20x quicker and easier than conventional techniques.


DataQA: On-board data to the Cloud, quickly and predictably

Cloud Apps

On-board data to the Cloud, quickly and predictably

DataQA: will 'legacy' data support your SAP project?


See in advance whether 'legacy' data will support your SAP project

DataQA: Business-friendly reports

Data migrations

Make data migrations more predictable by testing whether data is 'ready' to migrate


Case study PDF for global SAP project

We had requests to package up the great case study from Phusis on how DataQA delivered insight on a global SAP project, so here it is..

July 24, 2014

It's a wrap!

As we mentioned in our earlier post Lights! Camera! Action!, we’ve been shooting an overview video on DataQA to provide a quick tour of the product, and it’s in the can!

July 23, 2014